Defeat the Land-Grabber-Narp.

This is assuredly the only mission left (mission-left) for a large quantity of Narps working for a variety of egalitarian, left wing etc agencies. “He must be stopped!” one shouted “it must be stopped!” shouted another, aware that the accretion had spread from the gendered regional processor and now extended powerful pneuminous tentacles across the world-accretion. “But how?” another shouted “By awakening humanity to the evils of capitalism!” came a voice, “By reawakening humanity!” came another, “By using the technology that threatens us to feed us all!” and they continued in this way for some time. But they were not … Continue reading Defeat the Land-Grabber-Narp.

Manchester Agnostic Disjunction

The event of last night is certainly to be condemned. However what we must keep in mind in our interpretation of perpetrators is how clear it is what agency they act for. Through endless media-assimilations the truth accretion has become so modified that the doubt-script legitimately runs riot. Many Narps who do not consider themselves particularly counter culture will have found themselves feeling guilty for considering the possibility that this was not a terrorist attack by an external agency but in fact by government Narps (the electoral timing being the key criterion). This writing does not tell you that it was government … Continue reading Manchester Agnostic Disjunction

Land-Narp: Busted

“The Land-Narp’s alt-right associations are fraudulent.” So says an agent of the order of the 9 angles. This agent revealed to the CEO that Land’s persona in its most thuggish (as Hamilton Grant characterised him) is in fact a cultivated magickal ruse created with the intention of destabilising his Cathedral psyche facet. Those who dismiss him as a facist should take heed. This indication of possible subterfuge may be well founded. Continue reading Land-Narp: Busted